Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tough Guys and Drama Queens by Mark Gregston

Kids today are so different from when I was young. Why? According to Mark Gregston, it's a changed world and kids are reacting to it. In a positive world, kids react positively, but with all of the negativity on television, at school, and even in the home, kids are reacting in kind. As a middle school teacher, I agree 100% with Mark Gregston. His comment on parents being in a tough spot when even choosing clothing (buy into the seductive dressing for girls or have their child be shunned by peers?), hit home. I see so many girls in middle school dressing for Project Runway. Are young teens ready for that? No. Puberty is kicking in and girls don't need the added boy stress. The tips that Gregston gives parents are great! One might say they are common sense, but with overworked parents and busy children's schedules, sometimes common sense takes a back seat. Gregston's reminders are timely and should be heeded. Parents and teachers should read this book and learn how to help our children grow up, but not so fast that their childhood is nonexistent.

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