Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Path Toward Love: Cara Lynn James

Summer is my time to read as many good books as possible. I chose A Path Toward Love because of the historical fiction genre and its setting, the Gilded Age. I was thinking that this would be a fun, quick read: what a surprise! It was fun, but quick only because I found it diffult to put aside. First, the main character, Katherine, was very easy in which to relate. As a once stubborn teen who didn't follow parental wishes, I saw a lot of myself in Katherine's plight. Her stubborness creates a dominoe effect of events that could have demorilized her, yet she persevered. That is, until daddy comes around and brings more havoc into her life in the guise of helping her. Daddy also brings a dear friend from childhood, Andrew. Andrew is an ardent supporter of Katherine, but could he be much more? Sustaining Katherine through her ups and many downs is her faith in the Lord. Instead of wallowing in self pity, she finds strength and God. She asks Him repeatedly for guidance, but will she follow His intended path? A Path Toward Love is a great book for those of us who wonder if we are truly listening to God and following His path, or wandering aimlessly where we WANT to go. With memorable characters and a charming storyline, A Path Toward Love is a summer reading surprise in any season. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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