Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Choice by Robert Whitlow

For summer reading, the best choice is "The Choice". The plot is so engaging, I couldn't put it down. The Choice is about a pregnant teenager in 1975 Georgia. The setting is perfect as this is around the time of Roe vs. Wade. The teen, Sandy, has tough choices: abortion, adoption or keeping the baby. The father, another teenager and star athlete, says to Sandy, "Who's the father?". I moaned, okay, screamed, outloud. Whitlow makes the characters so realistic that I was totally involved in the storyline. In 1975, pregnant teen girls did not continue their education unless they went to a special school. Sandy, top of her class and head cheerleader, must leave her school. She could attend a special school or get her GED in hopes to eventually attend college. What a choice! The Choice follows Sandy through her life as she makes the tough choices. It is a wonderful story which shows how one choice can lead to another and then to another. The Choice is a choice you should make when adding to your library.

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