Monday, July 9, 2012

The Scarlet Cord by Joan Wolf

This is the story of Rahab. The unknown story, that is, due to the reason that the bible says so very little about this important woman. Why is she important? She, as a Canaanite, helped the Isrealites destroy Jericho. In return, Rahab's family was spared. This story fills in the gaps of Rahab's life. Yes, it is historical fiction which means that the story is based on Rahab while the author weaves a tale to explain Rahab's life. Using much research on the time period, the author's tale is very plausible. I applaud her efforts. The heroine is believable, the story time period is accurate and the plot flows so well one can hardly put the book down. Joan Wolf shows Rahab as a strong girl and even stronger woman. The bible considered Rahab a prostitute, Joan Wolf reminds us that Rahab was brilliant.

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