Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Arms of Love by Kelly Long

Arms of Love was, in my opinion, disappointing. As a fan of historical fiction and Amish plotlines, I was excited as one author had combined my two favorites. As I read the story, I was more disappointed after every page. The first disappointment was the plot: it was extremely slow. The first few chapters held promise as the conflicts were stated, but the solutions were slow in coming. It isn't that the author gave too much information about the conflicts and solutions, the author was too wordy, too much filler with zero substance. The next disappointment was the characters. I didn't have a strong feeling for either main character. The author didn't describe the characters in enough detail for me to visualize them nor enough depth of emotion for me actually care. The final disappointment was the plot. The entire story could have been told in ten pages or less. Again, the author's use of wordiness was more filler than substance. Because I like to finish what I begin, I forced myself to finish the book. The ending was trite. This is my opinion.

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