Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heckel Casey by James Hoch

Using a dystopian world setting, Heckel Casey takes the good versus evil plot to a new level. Why did the world as we know it end? In the viewpoint of Heckel Casey, it was the decrease of moral values which openned the door to immense evil. Heckel Casey, the main character, reminds one of Nick Prescott in the classic "Walking Tall" movies. Heckel is one of the few who is still "good" and morally upright. He walks across America observing evil's chaos. He wants to end the evil that is overtaking society. This evil is Madeline. Madeline is characterizes evil with her use of manipulation. From enchantress to witch, Madeline is a force with which to be reckoned. James Hoch's writing style is simplistic and easy to read. His characters are believable, even the supernatural ones. One suggestion would be chapter titles (subtitles). Hoch changes perspective numerous times (first person, third person) and one needs to read a few paragraphs to discern who is telling the tale. The story, in itself, was pretty good. Readers who enjoy the "good versus evil" plot, will most definately like Heckel Casey.

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