Thursday, June 14, 2012

Through the Rushing Water by Catherine Richmond

Through the Rushing Water by Catherine Richmond is inspiring! Have you ever wondered why your plan and God's plan aren't necessarily the same? Sophia, the heroine, wonders, too. As a school teacher at an elite woman's college, Sophia believes her calling to be a congressman's wife. When he chooses another (her roommate, no less), she is so dismayed that SHE creates a new calling: missionary to China. Sophia doesn't realize, until she winds up in Dakota, that China is not God's plan at all. Will, the hero, is a God loving carpenter, builder, and all around Mr. Fix Everything. He is a missionary, too, giving strength and showing God's love to the Ponta Indian tribe. When Sophia arrives in the Ponta village, he wonders why she is there and how long she will last. What is inspiring? Sophia works very hard to give the Ponta tribe the best education possible and along the way learns what God's plan REALLY is (thanks to Will). If you are wondering what God's plan is for you and how to accomplish His plan, this novel, even though it is fiction, will guide you. You will learn HOW to ask, WHY to ask and HOW to LISTEN to God. It is a great read.

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