Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hope Springs by Kim Cash Tate

What heppens when the world gets you down? You fill up on faith! Hope Springs is a story of a family whose faith knows few boundaries. First, we have the matriarch, Grandma Geri. Grandma Geri is filled with faith. Faith that God will heal her, her family and guide her grandaughters. Next we have Stephani. She has been questioning her faith. She visits Hope Springs and finds not only her faith, but what is God's will for her life. Becca, another character, learns that through faith, all is possible, but one must be humble. Finally, there is Janelle. Her life hasn't turned out quite like she had hoped, but when he puts her total faith in God, great things happen. As the characters struggle with real life issues, the reader learns how faith can help one survive. A great book with great lessons to be learned. I recommend reading it.

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