Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brush with Angel's Wings

Brush of Angel's Wings combines the themes of Amish and Angelic intervention. As the story begins two characters who are extremely different, meet on the road. It's a meeting of destiny. One is an Englisher who is part Amish, but wants to leave the community and the other is an older Amish girl past her marriagable age. She is 20 years old (imagine!). A buggy incident joins them together as the angels (one from each side of the heavenly divide) try to keep them on or off the straight and narrow path of goodness. As the story unfolds these two folks have their hardships including a horrible farm accident of the girl's father. Along the way the angels are fighting over their souls using the hardships to teach either strength or anger (dependent upon the angel). As far as Amish books go, this is a really good one. The author uses much of Amish language and mannerisms. Adding the angels is a perfect fit for the reader to understand that even those whom we think are better, still question God's decisions. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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