Tuesday, August 30, 2011

One Call Away by Brenda Warner

Think about how your life changes with every call. Maybe it is a call you've received that brings good or one that burns with trouble. Other calls you have made to help others or to receive help. As you read Brenda Warner's "One Call Away", you may be reminded how often just one call can change your entire world.

Some readers may believe that since Brenda is married to retired NFL superstar Kurt Warner, her life has been sunshine and roses, but that is far from true. Brenda candidly shares her inner emotions as she triumphs and struggles. What is most treasured is her sharing of her faith. With every bad call, Brenda keeps her closeness to God.

Readers will find the book difficult to put down. It is believable, heartwarming and very uplifting. Read this and you will prayerfully answer any call while keeping faith.

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