Thursday, August 9, 2007

Summer reads

Summer's almost gone, and there's so more to read! Susan, thanks for helping us start a dialog.

Nadine Gordimer is still my favorite read, but her slimmer books make me wonder about the difference between poetry and prose and how the lines have blurred.

Read for a sense of Africa as it was in colonial days, as the turmoil increased, and where some locales are now.
Great characterization through snippets of conversation, vignette, or collected thoughts.
Incredibly brief descriptive passages that evoke time and place.
Try one!

Short stories. Try for a real sense of short story from a different culture - Japanese essence, English /American form.

Is anyone else concerned about the few books from any Man-Booker list avaiable through our county libraries?
What are others reading?

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Sparrow said...

Thank you for bringing a little culture into my reading. Just when I was ready to claim defeat and grab a "trashy" novel. I also googled "Man Booker". Here is the site I located, I hope it is helpful for those of us, like me, who would like a list of award winning reads:

What I have read since Harry Potter:

The Handmaid and the Carpenter by Elizabeth Berg. This is a great book that shows the emotional struggle of Joseph after Mary has told him that she is with child by the holy spirit. I was delighted by the maturity of the story that goes beyond the Bible version.

The Last Summer by Anne Brashares. In my opinion, she should have kept her "traveling pants" on and not write an adult book. I am glad I have finished it. I would not recommend reading it.

Yes, I can be rather harsh, but maybe I am tougher on books since Potter is finished.

I will discuss my thoughts on Harry Potter-7 once I believe all have read it. I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone.

To finally answer the question:

I hadn't really considered it, but I will now. Maybe, like me, most people in our area aren't blessed with cultural awareness. Could this be why Oprah's book club is so popular? Maybe we need a "Rice's Book Club" to help guide us in our cultural reading pursuits.