Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Potter Party-Borders

Anyone, besides me, attending the Potter Party? The party will be lots of fun, plus you can pick up your reserved book at midnight.

No sleeping for me!


suprabird said...

Hi, All, I did not attend a Potter Party, but I did get the book for my birthday and have read THE ENTIRE THING!! Amazing! Great book! There is much action throughout; I figured on a surprise ending, but there are more surprises after the surprise ending I figured on. How's that for suspense?! How a producer will make a movie of this book boggles my mind. The epilogue was a bit trite, but will make a good starting point for a new series. Suprabird, alias Diane M

Sparrow said...

I, too, finished the book (by 10pm on July 22nd). I agree that the epilogue was trite, almost an afterthought. Rowling has stated that she will write an encyclopedia of Potter characters, but no more on Potter, himself.

The final word for my feelings would be "melancholy". I was quite saddened that the end has come. As Potter is a reflection of today's world, does this mean that humanity will have a happy ending?