Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Simple Secrets to a Happy Life Lucy Swindoll

Lucy Swindoll has the wisdom of a grandmother. If my grandmother were still alive, she would probably have given me the same sage advice as in "Secrets". While the "secrets" are common sense (for those who have been blessed with a good family and religious experiences) it is also good to have a reminder on how one can live a happy life. For example, I get caught up in fairness and equality. When I am wronged, I carry bitterness. I needed a reminder to let that go. I also needed to be reminded to "slow down" and "do for others" in other words, "make time".

While the secrets are sensible, in this fast paced "me world", a reminder is necessary every now and again. Swindoll's conversational tone is just that, a calm reminder not a command. Something a grandmother would say.

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