Thursday, June 26, 2008

School Prep Readings

Thinking of school in June? Yes, I am a crazy woman. Imagine, prereading any and all material which I am considering using for the upcoming school year! This week I finished (in about an hour) the Gordon Korman book, "The 6th Grade Nickname Game". It was an easy read and actually very entertaining. As I read the book I was reminded of my own 6th grade experiences: being called a nickname isn't all that wonderful! I was also thinking of possible student activities (okay, I just took the enjoyment out of reading!).

Another book I have previewed is "Walk Two Moons" by Sharon Creech. Two of my colleagues (friends) disliked the book, but I did read it because one person liked it (apparently, I am desperate to read a book). "Walk Two Moons" is surprisingly good. I personally like the character, Phoebe. She reminds me of a student I had in previous years who thought she knew everything (she was annoying and very wrong).

Of the two books for this school year, I am choosing to begin with the Korman book. I believe the 6th graders will relate to the characters and maybe understand that nicknaming isn't fun for everyone (especially the one being named). The book also touches upon first crushes which adds to the drama in our current 6th graders.

Those of you with strong opinions, feel free to comment.

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