Friday, June 15, 2007

Ines of My Soul

This adult book is of the romance genre. Do not believe for one moment, though, of a paperbook Harlequin romance. This novel reads more like a historical journal with some romance thrown in to pull women into reading it.

The main character is Ines, a Spanish woman who leaves Spain to seek her husband (a cheating, abusive man) who has hightailed it to the "New World"-South America. Once in So. America, Ines learns that her husband is dead and decides to follow a warrior (Pedro Valdiva) as he conquers Chile.

While the plot is of a strong woman who is sharing her life's journey is interesting, the story is dry and I, personally, forced myself to finish it. I also skipped many paragraphs which do not effect the storyline at all. Sort of like a soap opera where one can stop watching for a year and can still catch up with the plot.

I would not recommend this book because of the dryness of the presentation. The topic was interesting, but the presentation was a bore.

What did you think?

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